15 August 2011

I Have a Theme.... Festive Frolics

I love Christmas, and I love weddings... so for a Winter wedding I love the idea of a Christmas theme!

Clockwise from top left:

-These handmade invites are easy to put together and won't cost the earth, whilst still looking perfect for a Christmas theme.
-As it will no doubt be extremely cold on your wedding day, why not opt for a long sleeved wedding gown? They look sophisticated and stylish whilst also keeping the cold at bay.
-Claret red tones suit a winter wedding theme for bridesmaids, an alternative is Emerald green
-These novel candle holders would look cute as table decorations or could provide sweet wedding favors
-To keep your reception room looking nice and festive, why not include some foliage in your chair sashes?
-These gorgeous wedding crackers can be personalised or simply kept plain to add to the theme and provide some dinner entertainment for your guests
-(left) Decorated and personalised baubles can make excellent place names, whilst place settings can be decorated even further at a low cost by using snowflake stencils and brightly coloured poster paints
-A personalised wedding bauble favors could be the perfect souvenir from the wedding for your guests
-This rather novel idea of using candycanes to create a vase for table centerpieces is genius and would be cheap and easy to put together yourselves
-Snowflake wedding confetti can be doubled up as decoration for tables
-A fun idea for table numbers, again using DIY skills, is to tie numbered Christmas trees to empty clean jam jars with string
-(above) a wish tree is a great alternative to the guest book. Each guest is asked to write a wish for the couple on a tag, which is then tied onto the 'tree' and collected at the end of the wedding for the couple to read and cherish forever
-A traditional Christmas roast dinner with all the trimmings would be perfect for the festive wedding
-(above) mince pies are another firm favourite for those wishing to keep the Christmas spirit going during the wedding meal
-A great idea for the wedding cake is to include both the red and green floral arrangements, and the festive fun with this present cake design
-A wedding is the most romantic of events, and a Christmas wedding wouldn't be complete without mistletoe, which could be used as bridesmaids bouquets
-(right) meanwhile, including reds and greens in the bridal bouquet is a great idea and would look stunning against the white/cream of the bride's gown
-No Christmas wedding would be complete without a Christmas tree, and photos of the couple in front of the tree would be beautiful to look back on.

10 August 2011

Inspiration: Hepburn Hen

A lovely lady came to me with an Audrey Hepburn theme for a hen party wanting inspiration on what she could arrange for it. I thought a Breakfast at Tiffany's spin on the theme would make a for a fun, sophisticated Hen do... 

Clockwise from top left:
-An elegant invite should be sent out as soon as the event was arranged to ensure everyone is able to attend
-Posters of Audrey could be put up around the room to create a gentile atmosphere
-A fun event doesn't have to be one fuelled by alcohol and a night on the town, the pampering is all part of the fun and either professional of DIY manicures and pedicures (in red shades, of course) can help start the night off nicely.
-Professional makeup artists can be a great addition to apply retro makeup to guests and add a touch of glamour to the proceedings
-(left and below) Hens should be advised to wear a LBD and the blingiest tiara they can find, along with long black gloves (think Breakfast at Tiffany's chic)
-A ladylike 'afternoon tea' is an excellent choice for this theme and can include sandwiches, cupcakes, tea and pink champagne for a sophisticated spread
-If you and your fellow Hens are feeling adventurous, why not have a go at the art of Burlesque with an at home class?
-If a Hen wouldn't be a Hen for you without a trip into town, why not go somewhere less rowdy than the typical Hen venues and have a gossip with your Martinis a la Sex and the City?
-Finally, when it comes to a gift for the bride to be from her Hens, in keeping with the theme, clubbing together to purchase a little something from Tiffany's is guaranteed to put a smile on your very own Miss Hepburn's face!

6 August 2011

I Have a Theme.... Butterflies & Teal

A lovely bride to be contacted me yesterday asking whether I would be able to assist her and her fiance in inspiration for their 2013 wedding which they want to centre around the colour teal, also encorporating butterflies. She mentioned that they were having the most trouble with the cake, bridesmaids and flowers so I have focused on these areas, amongst other general ideas.

Clockwise from top left:
-Invitations can be kept simple and could be handmade to keep costs down using stencils and small lengths of teal ribbon
- The wedding car should be kept a neutral colour to prevent a colour clash with the theme. This white classic car is an excellent example
-Bridesmaids dresses in teal can be found on the highstreet. The first design is perfect for a summer wedding, whilst the second is better suited for a slightly more formal affair.
-Little touches can add to the theme, such as this lightly patterned waistcoat and teal hued cravat
-The sashes on these chairs add just a hint of colour to keep with the theme without being too overpowering
-Cupcakes in teal and white with butterfly toppings are a sweet addition to the wedding cake
-The classic 'E' shaped cake stand looks perfect with plain white iced cakes topped with flowers matching the brides bouquet
-Alternatively, this kaleidoscope of butterflies really brings the cake to life and adds an intense pop of colour
-White frosted cupcakes can be topped with miniature teal coloured butterflies to create a delicious treat for guests
-Teal coloured M&Ms are a novel alternative to more traditional options on a sweet table or alongside the guestbook 
-A small candle holder makes for a perfect wedding favour 
-A homemade guestbook decorated with teal ribbon and butterflies would look delightful
-A matching teal organza bag filled with sugared almonds is a low cost option for a favour
-(above) teal heart confetti is a great alternative to paper confetti
-Simple teal coloured thank you cards decorated with a white butterfly
-(above) matching place cards can be handwritten to keep costs down
-A posie of teal and white roses would look lovely
-(above) alternatively a plain white rose posie avoids possible mismatching of teal shades
-a garter can include the bride's 'something blue' with this splash of teal
-(above) a white rose buttonhole with a simple teal organza sash is the perfect addition to the groomsmen's attire
-A butterfly tiara is a beautiful option for the bride
-Teal nail art for the bride is a gorgeous contemporary idea
-This necklace would look amazing on a bride
-(above) these sweet tea lights would look lovely as part of the table decorations
-This detailed teal sash would make a stunning addition to a wedding gown
-These shoes would be beautiful for the bride and/or bridesmaids
-If avoiding the tiara, this teal jewelled clip would be perfect for the theme
-Table numbers could be labelled with this teal butterfly design

5 August 2011

I Have a Theme.... Girls 1st Birthday Princess Party

I was asked this evening whether I could help a lovely fellow mummy to plan her daughter's 1st birthday party. She has already booked a venue and is just looking for some ideas for everything else. I set about putting together a princess theme which is based around the colour pink.

Clockwise from top left:
- a birthday girl t shirt and pink tutu is a simple but cute outfit for the big day
-a birthday badge helps an outside venue pick out the birthday girl, whilst a matching mummy badge can help the parents of the other children distinguish who is in charge on the day
-brightly coloured pretty wrapping paper is a must as babies of this age are often more interested in the paper than the present inside!
-a personalised invitation to the party is relatively easy to make online and can add a more unique feel to the invites
-A simple pink cake can be decorated with flowers, butterflies and bows along with a miniature figurine and a number 1 to make an easy birthday cake which looks amazing
-a birthday banner instantly adds to a party atmosphere. These can be bought personalised from most card shops or alternatively say birthday girl/birthday princess or 1st birthday
-a selection of pink balloons and a special helium balloon for the birthday girl will keep young minds mesmerised and can be given to guests to take home with them
-pink frosted cupcakes might be a little sweet for babies, but look amazing and are great for the adults in attendance
-pink sandwich cakes filled with strawberry jam and dusted with icing sugar are a great sweet treat for younger mouths and can be cut into hearts
-keeping with the heart theme, mini pizzas can be decorated for young children, and by making them at home, can be made healthy with plenty of veg
-heart shaped ham sandwiches are another excellent idea and great for little hands to hold
-it is important to have plenty of fruit and veg at a party for young babies and this selection of veg sticks with a homemade hummus dip would be an excellent addition to the party spread
-to ensure the memories are treasured, why not pick up a few cheap disposable cameras for yourself and your adult guests. These are less likely to be damaged on the day, and are quick and simple to use whilst still keeping a close eye on the kids.
-After the fun and games and all the food has been eaten up, babies will no doubt be a little sleepy, an excellent addition to a party with guests this young is a storybook and this ballerina one comes with a cute musical sound which babies love to press
-1 year olds are still a little young for party bags, but why not give your mini guests one of these princess ducks to take home? They are adorable and perfect for making bath time fun!
-Finally, to thank your guests for their presents, why not send out some of these princess themed thank you notes?

3 August 2011

I Have a Theme.... Marvellous Monochrome!

I tend to get carried away with girly, sweet themed weddings so thought I would turn to a more formal theme tonight and chose a black and white theme. I love how smart the theme can make a wedding look, and that there are millions of ideas out there for this theme.

Clockwise from Top Left:
-Swapping a tiara for a miniature top hat can be a chic look for the bride
-A posie of white roses looks perfect amongst the black and white decor
-a white sash on black bridesmaid dresses avoids the look being too severe
-Tables could be named after top Hollywood stars pictured in stunning black and white
-alternatively, a nice idea is to have photos of the bride and groom from the age of the table number in black and white
-keep the invites chic and simple, hinting at the theme of the wedding
-A nice idea for the guest book would be to include black and white photobooth photos taken at the wedding of the guests alongside their message
-Blown up canvas images around the venue in black and white with a simple colour pop like the one here add to the theme
-Adding flowers to the cake can prevent it looking plain in photos
-A twist on the traditional champagne flute, these glasses are stylish and contemporary
-Sparklers are a great way to liven up the reception, and bring out the child in guests
-Similarly, a magician can be an excellent way to get the party started and keep guests entertained during quieter moments
-Mini personalised boxes of After Eight mints make perfect favors
-Alternatively, damask candle holders are a great gift for guests to take home with them
-The most stylish of transportation, a black and white rolls royce!
-To keep things stylish, why not choose a pianist for the reception music?
-Black Forest Cupcakes give a modern twist to the gateau
-To really make the chairs stand out, add a black sash fixed with a white rose like these

2 August 2011

I Have a Theme..... Seaside Soiree

Living by the beach I love the seaside theme and think it can be great for those more relaxed couples who don't want a formal affair. It can also be a great theme for those wanting to keep costs down as a lot of things can be collected for free from local beaches and personalised! It is a great summer theme, I personally love it!

Clockwise from top left:
-mini fish and chips make for great evening food
-to keep a relaxed vibe to the wedding keep the bridesmaids dresses loose and boho in style
-having a selection of postcards to write messages to the newly weds provides an alternative to the traditional guestbook
-even the wedding cake can be themed to the seaside!
-Just Married or personalised rock can be used as favours or as part of the table decorations
-Candy floss for sweet toothed guests
-for those really wanting to get into the theme, deckchairs can replace ordinary ones
-a mini message in the bottle (with the scroll inside being details of the wedding such as names and the date) can make a cute wedding favor
-adding star fish or shells to the bridal bouquet can be a nice twist
-pebbles/rocks can be decorated to make sweet place names
-pails of mini umbrellas can be a great addition, as can mini pails of sweets
-replace traditional wedding drinks for fruity rainbow coloured cocktails
-a wedding dress doesn't have to be floor length, to keep things relaxed why not consider a knee skimming design?
-who can resist the classic just married written in the sand? If the wedding is not near an actual beach, why not have an area with sand where you could really feel you are by the seaside?
-wedding music could consist of a live band or to keep costs down why not plug in an ipod loaded with personal playlists to a speaker?

1 August 2011

Inspiration: 21st Birthday Party

Due to being pregnant with my son on my 21st birthday, I missed out on having the traditional alcohol fuelled night out. Instead I opted for a more relaxed birthday tea. I think the two can be mixed in order to create a retro kids party style event for those turning 21 but still a big kid at heart.

Depending on the budget, think candy floss and popcorn machines, fair ground attractions, party games, sweets and cakes galore and of course party bags at the end for your guests to take home with them.

Here are some images for inspiration, to get you started:

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