5 August 2011

I Have a Theme.... Girls 1st Birthday Princess Party

I was asked this evening whether I could help a lovely fellow mummy to plan her daughter's 1st birthday party. She has already booked a venue and is just looking for some ideas for everything else. I set about putting together a princess theme which is based around the colour pink.

Clockwise from top left:
- a birthday girl t shirt and pink tutu is a simple but cute outfit for the big day
-a birthday badge helps an outside venue pick out the birthday girl, whilst a matching mummy badge can help the parents of the other children distinguish who is in charge on the day
-brightly coloured pretty wrapping paper is a must as babies of this age are often more interested in the paper than the present inside!
-a personalised invitation to the party is relatively easy to make online and can add a more unique feel to the invites
-A simple pink cake can be decorated with flowers, butterflies and bows along with a miniature figurine and a number 1 to make an easy birthday cake which looks amazing
-a birthday banner instantly adds to a party atmosphere. These can be bought personalised from most card shops or alternatively say birthday girl/birthday princess or 1st birthday
-a selection of pink balloons and a special helium balloon for the birthday girl will keep young minds mesmerised and can be given to guests to take home with them
-pink frosted cupcakes might be a little sweet for babies, but look amazing and are great for the adults in attendance
-pink sandwich cakes filled with strawberry jam and dusted with icing sugar are a great sweet treat for younger mouths and can be cut into hearts
-keeping with the heart theme, mini pizzas can be decorated for young children, and by making them at home, can be made healthy with plenty of veg
-heart shaped ham sandwiches are another excellent idea and great for little hands to hold
-it is important to have plenty of fruit and veg at a party for young babies and this selection of veg sticks with a homemade hummus dip would be an excellent addition to the party spread
-to ensure the memories are treasured, why not pick up a few cheap disposable cameras for yourself and your adult guests. These are less likely to be damaged on the day, and are quick and simple to use whilst still keeping a close eye on the kids.
-After the fun and games and all the food has been eaten up, babies will no doubt be a little sleepy, an excellent addition to a party with guests this young is a storybook and this ballerina one comes with a cute musical sound which babies love to press
-1 year olds are still a little young for party bags, but why not give your mini guests one of these princess ducks to take home? They are adorable and perfect for making bath time fun!
-Finally, to thank your guests for their presents, why not send out some of these princess themed thank you notes?

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