6 August 2011

I Have a Theme.... Butterflies & Teal

A lovely bride to be contacted me yesterday asking whether I would be able to assist her and her fiance in inspiration for their 2013 wedding which they want to centre around the colour teal, also encorporating butterflies. She mentioned that they were having the most trouble with the cake, bridesmaids and flowers so I have focused on these areas, amongst other general ideas.

Clockwise from top left:
-Invitations can be kept simple and could be handmade to keep costs down using stencils and small lengths of teal ribbon
- The wedding car should be kept a neutral colour to prevent a colour clash with the theme. This white classic car is an excellent example
-Bridesmaids dresses in teal can be found on the highstreet. The first design is perfect for a summer wedding, whilst the second is better suited for a slightly more formal affair.
-Little touches can add to the theme, such as this lightly patterned waistcoat and teal hued cravat
-The sashes on these chairs add just a hint of colour to keep with the theme without being too overpowering
-Cupcakes in teal and white with butterfly toppings are a sweet addition to the wedding cake
-The classic 'E' shaped cake stand looks perfect with plain white iced cakes topped with flowers matching the brides bouquet
-Alternatively, this kaleidoscope of butterflies really brings the cake to life and adds an intense pop of colour
-White frosted cupcakes can be topped with miniature teal coloured butterflies to create a delicious treat for guests
-Teal coloured M&Ms are a novel alternative to more traditional options on a sweet table or alongside the guestbook 
-A small candle holder makes for a perfect wedding favour 
-A homemade guestbook decorated with teal ribbon and butterflies would look delightful
-A matching teal organza bag filled with sugared almonds is a low cost option for a favour
-(above) teal heart confetti is a great alternative to paper confetti
-Simple teal coloured thank you cards decorated with a white butterfly
-(above) matching place cards can be handwritten to keep costs down
-A posie of teal and white roses would look lovely
-(above) alternatively a plain white rose posie avoids possible mismatching of teal shades
-a garter can include the bride's 'something blue' with this splash of teal
-(above) a white rose buttonhole with a simple teal organza sash is the perfect addition to the groomsmen's attire
-A butterfly tiara is a beautiful option for the bride
-Teal nail art for the bride is a gorgeous contemporary idea
-This necklace would look amazing on a bride
-(above) these sweet tea lights would look lovely as part of the table decorations
-This detailed teal sash would make a stunning addition to a wedding gown
-These shoes would be beautiful for the bride and/or bridesmaids
-If avoiding the tiara, this teal jewelled clip would be perfect for the theme
-Table numbers could be labelled with this teal butterfly design

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